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Mobile Computer and iPad Carts

These carts are available for COE faculty to check out and use in their classrooms. All computers have wireless access capabilities to join the JMU wireless network in Memorial Hall. Faculty are responsible for pickup and return to the ETMC.

  • 1 cart containing 18 Windows laptops (Penguin Cart) 
  • 1 cart with portable baskets containing 10 Surface Pro tablet computers (Sasquatch Cart)
  • 2 carts containing 20 ipads each (Goat and Turtle mini iPad Carts)
  • Faculty and Staff in the College of Education can request some ETMC resources online, including our mobile carts. Go to and sign in with your JMU e-id and make a request to schedule an ETMC resource. Refer to this reference if you need help making a reservation.

Click here to see a list of computer software and iPad apps available on the carts. Additional computer software and iPad apps can be requested by contacting

Educational Technology Classroom Instruction

The ETMC staff can provide educational technology-based workshop instruction in your classroom. Each workshop topic can be personalized to fit the needs of your curriculum. Our workshops feature current educational technologies used in PK-12 schools. 

If you are not sure what technology skills might most benefit your students or best compliment your curriculum, let's talk about the possibilities. We are very open to new ideas, topics, and collaborations!

Request Tech Support
Request Technology Support

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