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My name is Rabia Lieber. I am the Educational Technology Specialist in the College of Education. Welcome to my page. I am here to help COE faculty and students use technology more effectively in their classrooms. I am available to lead whole class workshops, one-on-one collaborations with faculty or students, and/or technology and media support.

Classroom Workshops

I am here to help you use educational technology easily and efficiently in your classrooms, so your students can go on to use it in theirs. I have listed some of my previous workshop offerings below, but I am also always happy to explore new ideas with you to meet your needs. I can come to your classroom in person, ZOOM in digitally, or act as a resource for you or your students. If you’d like to work with me on a project or a lesson, please contact me at

Digital Storytelling/Stop Motion Animation

  • What is digital storytelling?
  • Why should your students be using digital storytelling?
  • All about the process and time to explore

Programming Fun with Makey Makey

  • Learning through doing
  • Circuits, electricity, and coding
  • Problem-solving and inventions

Apps for classroom use

  • Why should you be using educational apps in the classroom?
  • What types of apps are available?
  • How do your students make good choices about what apps to use in their classrooms?
  • Who pays for apps and devices?

ePortfolios with Weebly

  • Are your students creating digital portfolios for their class, program, or hiring materials?
  • How to get started creating an ePortfolio
  • Best practices for creating and organizing

Escape Room Activities/BreakoutEDU

  • The benefits of "outside the box" thinking
  • How to use a breakout experience in your classroom
  • How to create a breakout experience on your own

Virtual/Augmented Reality

  • Travel and Explore places of interest without leaving the classroom
  • Travel through time, space, and dimensions
  • Promote curiosity and a love of learning

Cricut in the Classroom

  • Shadowbox learning
  • STEM projects
  • 3D paper modeling

What can I do in the ETMC?

  • Technology checkouts
  • Books and study materials
  • Material preparation
  • Printing and computer use
  • Study space
Online Resources

JMU Libraries is offering support for online teaching. Please see their website for more details:

Students can explore pre-made AR and VR experiences with Google Arts & Culture Expeditions.

BreakoutEDU has made a number of their Breakouts available for students to play at home. Visit here: No login is necessary for these games.

In person resources

The ETMC has a BreakoutEDU kit with sample lessons already prepared. You are welcome to check out this resource and try it in your classroom.

We also have a Makey Makey if you'd like to try coding with your students.

Come see our selection of learning themed board games available for checkout as well.

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