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We are here to help COE faculty and students use technology more effectively in their classrooms. We can lead whole class workshops, one-on-one collaborations with faculty or students, and/or offer technology and media support.

Classroom Workshops

We are here to help you use educational technology easily and efficiently in your classrooms, so your students can go on to use it in theirs.

Some ideas are listed below, but if you have an idea that's not, please reach out. We love to try new things!

Digital Storytelling/Stop Motion Animation

  • What is digital storytelling?
  • Why should your students be using digital storytelling?
  • All about the process and time to explore

Programming Fun with Makey Makey

  • Learning through doing
  • Circuits, electricity, and coding
  • Problem-solving and inventions

Apps for classroom use

  • Why should you be using educational apps in the classroom?
  • What types of apps are available?
  • How do your students make good choices about what apps to use in their classrooms?
  • Who pays for apps and devices?


  • Are your students creating digital portfolios for their class, program, or hiring materials?
  • How to get started creating an ePortfolio
  • Best practices for creating and organizing

Escape Room Activities/BreakoutEDU

  • The benefits of "outside the box" thinking
  • How to use a breakout experience in your classroom
  • How to create a breakout experience on your own

Virtual/Augmented Reality

  • Travel and Explore places of interest without leaving the classroom
  • Travel through time, space, and dimensions
  • Promote curiosity and a love of learning

Cricut in the Classroom

  • Shadowbox learning
  • STEM projects
  • 3D paper modeling

What can I do in the ETMC?

  • Technology checkouts
  • Books and study materials
  • Material preparation
  • Printing and computer use
  • Study space
Other resources

Come try out 3D printing on one of our three 3D printers.

The ETMC has a BreakoutEDU kit with sample lessons already prepared. You are welcome to check out this resource and try it in your classroom.

We also have a Makey Makey if you'd like to try coding with your students.

Come see our selection of learning-themed board games available for checkout as well.

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