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My name is Rabia Lieber. I am the Educational Technology Specialist in the College of Education. Welcome to my page. I am here to help COE faculty and students use technology more effectively in their classrooms. I am available to lead whole class workshops, one-on-one collaborations with faculty or students, and/or technology and media support.

Online Resources

JMU Libraries is offering support for online teaching. Please see their website for more details:

Use Google Expeditions to set up a virtual tour for your students. You can add any location that Google has captured into one tour. Explain your collection of locations and make a list of questions for your students to answer. See this video for more instructions:

You can also have students explore pre-made AR and VR experiences. See the comprehensive list here. Students will need access to the free Google Expeditions app for their mobile device.

BreakoutEDU has made a number of their Breakouts available for students to play at home. Visit here: No login is necessary for these games.

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