The Master of Education degree with a concentration in teacher leadership is designed to provide teachers and other school division professionals with opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills in application of leadership within the classroom, school, community, and beyond. Aligned with national competencies for teacher leadership, the program prepares professionals for analytical problem-solving, effective communication, skillful collaboration, and applying critical leadership attributes.

The M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership is designed for students who wish to earn a master's degree with a concentration in Teacher Leadership. No teaching experience is necessary.

Length of Program
The M.Ed. is a 30 credit hour program.
Full-time students can complete the M.Ed. program in one year, while part-time students can complete in two years.

The M.Ed. program is completely online.

Admission Requirements
Minimum admission requirements for entry to the master's program with a concentration in teacher leadership include the following:
• Satisfactory completion of a baccalaureate degree with grade point of average of 3.0 or higher.
• Graduate Record Examination scores at the 50th percentile (applicants can apply to waive scores if baccalaureate grade point average exceeds 3.5 in the last 60 semester hours of the program).
• Evidence of a current professional educator’s license (or evidence of eligibility for licensure).

Degree Requirements
Students in the program must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher with no more than two grades of a C.

College of Education Core Requirements: 12 Credit Hours
EDUC 625. Evaluation in Education (3)
EDUC 630. Inquiry in Education (3)
EDUC 641. Learning Theories and Practice (3)
EDUC 642. Curriculum Theory and Issues (3)

Professional Core: 15 Credit Hours
TCLD 640. Management and Problem Solving in Schools (3)
TCLD 650. Leadership and Communication Skills in Education (3)
TCLD 660. Collaborating, Teaming, and Leading in Schools (3)
TCLD 670. Leading Curriculum Revision and Implementation (3)
ADSU 640. The Fundamentals of Educational Administration (3) OR
ADSU 642. Leadership for School-Community Relations (3)

Applied Research: 3 Credit Hours
LTLE 695. Applied Research Design (3)

Total Credit Hours: 30 Credit Hours*
*Program offered through distance education and can be completed in approximately one year.

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