The Educational Media Minor (EMM) prepares learners for employment in a range of workplaces where the use of digital media and technologies for information literacy and learning, are valued. The EMM is basically a tools and skills based minor that encourages learners to explore how the knowledge and skills learned enhances their major program of study.  

Learners who successfully complete this minor will possess the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about the selection, design, and application of information, digital media, technologies, and processes that facilitate that support learning.

Learners in the EMM program are expected to maintain access to a computer with the latest Windows operating system or MacOS that is new within the last 3 years, and capable of running the Adobe CC applications, and maintaining consistent Internet access. Learners must have rights to install and update applications on the computer. If you have questions contact your academic advisor or course instructor for assistance.

Program Coordinator

Dr. Jim Bywater

Assistant Professor

Academic Adviser
Program Requirements
Educational Media Minor Course List and Pre/Co-requisites (18 credits total)
  • PSYC160 Life Span Human Development (3cr): None
  • LTLE150 Information in a Contemporary Society (3cr): None
  • LTLE 370 Instructional Technology (3cr): Pre: PSYC 160
  • LTLE 372 Visual Literacy (3cr): Pre: PSYC 160; Pre/co: LTLE 370
  • LTLE 374 Photography for Learning (1cr): Pre: LTLE 370; Pre/co: LTLE 372
  • LTLE 376 Video for Learning (1cr): Pre: LTLE 370; Pre/co: LTLE 372
  • LTLE 378 Web Design for Learning (1cr): Pre: LTLE 370; Pre/co: LTLE 372
  • LTLE 385 Foundations of Instructional Design (3cr): Pre: PSYC 160, LTLE 370, 372, 374, 376, 378

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