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College of Education - James Madison University

Spring Semester 2018

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Cultural Dialogue Presentations

Note: these presentations are streaming from YouTube and will open up in another window. The presentations are best viewed full-screen if you want to see the slides more clearly.

Educational Innovations and Challenges

Ayub Kalema - Uganda
Jo-Ann Naa Dei Neequaye - Ghana
George Anthony Kalamparambil - India
Karim Es-Soufi - Morocco

Religion and Culture and Society

Malick Ly - Senegal
Riky Depari - Indonesia
Adelyn Chin - Malaysia
Carla Simini - Brazil

Family Life, Marriage and Children

Sarah Rusof - Malaysia
Veronica Tampour-Kuupol - Ghana
Khadija Elmejdoubi - Morocco
Eldessouki Hassan - Egypt

Politics and Political Systems

John Nelson P M  - Indonesia
Vinay Kumar - India
Agnes Namande - Uganda
Dandara Mesquita Melo - Brazil

Professional Development Module Presentations

Using Authentic Assessment to foster Effective Learning

  • John Nelson P Modok
  • Veronica Tampour-Kuupol
  • Ayub Kalema Golooba

Classroom Management - Managing Learning in Large Classrooms through Effective Grouping

  • Adelyn Chin
  • Dandara Mesquita
  • Riky Depari
  • Siti Sarah Rusof

 Using Strategies of Differentiation to Reach Learners with Varied Needs

  • Carla Simini
  • Eldessouki Hassan
  • George Anthony
  • Vinay Kumar

Increasing Engagement through Critical Thinking

  • Karim Essoufi
  • Agnes Rhodah Namande
  • Jo-Ann Naa Del Neequaye
  • Malik Ly
2018 Participants
person person person person
Adelyn Chin Riky Oktavianus Depari Khadija Elmejdoubi Karim Es-Soufi
Malaysia Indonesia Morocco Morocco

person person person person
Eldessouki Hassan George Anthony Kalamparambil Ayub Golooba Kalema Vinay Kumar
Egypt India Uganda India

person person person person
Malick Ly Dandara Mesquita Melo John Nelson Petrus Modok Agnes Rhodah Namande
Senegal Brazil Indonesia Uganda

person person person Veronica
Jo-Ann Neequaye Sara Rusof Carla Simini Veronica Tampour-Kuupol
Ghana Malaysia Brazil Ghana

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