The College of Business recently partnered with the autonomous graduate business school of the University of Antwerp, Antwerp Management School (AMS) to offer JMU students a graduate degree through AMS’ one-year masters programs.

JMU has established close relations with the University of Antwerp over 12 years as study abroad partners. The business schools of the two universities have been exploring opportunities. Recently, JMU signed a five-year agreement with AMS to provide JMU students with up to 20 spots a year spread over various masters programs. Below are some key points of the Masters Program agreement between JMU and AMS:

  • AMS will offer JMU students up to 20 spots a year spread over five one-year Masters degree programs in English:
    • Master of Global Management
    • Master of Global Management: China-Europe Business Studies
    • Master of Global Supply Chain Management
    • Master of Management: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Master of Finance
  • The aforementioned programs cost 10,750 Euros (in tuition) for the entire year except for the China-Europe Business Studies program which costs 12,000 Euros. These costs are considerably more affordable than the reputable programs in the US – most of which are two year programs.
  • Master in Global Management and Master in Global Supply Chain Management programs include 9 months of in-class lecture and field trips and a 2 month-long internship with one of the European firms of different sizes that partners with AMS to do a consulting project with them. Master in Finance and Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship programs include in-house master’s projects rather than consulting internships.
  • AMS holds AACSB International accreditation – which means that your graduate degree will be valid in the United States. Moreover, Financial Times has been ranking AMS in the top 50 of all graduate business schools in Europe for the last three years. (To view all of AACSB's rankings, please visit the website.
  • Since JMU already has a presence in Antwerp through its study abroad program, assistance in finding apartments/studios and roommates can be provided to those who gets admitted in one of the aforementioned programs.
  • JMU and AMS will jointly be involved in the selection and admission of the students for the programs.
Application Procedure
  1. Attend the information session that will be held on the last week of September during the Fall semester in Zane Showker Hall (an email regarding this information session will be sent out early in the Fall semester).
  2. Fill out the application form provided on the Antwerp Management School website. (They start accepting applications on Sep 1st of each year) 
  3. Upload scanned copies of your transcripts (minimum GPA of 2.8 at the time of graduation is required), your resume, and passport (picture and signature pages) on the application website.
  4. Write a personal motivation essay. Instructions for the essay is as follows:

Please answer the following questions in a concise and accurate way. Answer each set of questions separately and make sure your answers do not exceed 15-20 lines.


Why do you apply for this masters program? Are there any specific aspects in the program that were particularly appealing to you?


What do you expect to learn in this program? What skills do you wish to develop? How do you think participating in this program will influence your future career? What are your career goals?


Describe 3 personal strengths and 3 weaknesses and explain why you (or other people) see them as such.


  • Give an example of a situation in the recent past in which you performed better than expected and showed more initiative than required. Describe the circumstances.
  • Give an example of an event or project that you recently organized. How did you prepare yourself?
  • Give an example of an achievement that you are proud off and explain.
  • Give an example of a project that you realized in team or for which you had to cooperate intensely with others. What was your task and how did you feel about the cooperation?  How did you tackle conflicts or disagreements?


What factors made you decide to apply for this program at Antwerp Management School? How did you inform yourself? Have you also applied at other schools? Are you considering other alternatives?

Selection Procedure

Once your application file has been accepted,

  1. A Skype interview will be organized to get a better insight of your motivation, perseverance, personality, and leadership skills.
  2. You will be given a date to take the SHL cognitive decision making test on AMS’ website. More information and a study guide for this test will be provided during the application process.
  3. Students that pass the interview and online cognitive tests will be admitted in the masters programs.

For more information on Antwerp Management School and the various graduate degrees they offer, please visit their website.

For further questions, please contact Dr. Mert Tokman (Semester in Antwerp Program Director) at

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