Scholarship Overview

The Department of Marketing is pleased to announce a scholarship established in 2019 and made possible through an endowed scholarship established by Mark D. (’90) and Melanie G. (’91) Whittington and generous donations from members of the Department of Marketing Executive Advisory Council (EAC).  The scholarship is called “Mark-It-Forward” based on the “pay-it-forward” concept.  The “pay-it-forward” feature lies in that marketing students who benefit from this EAC-sponsored scholarship are expected to support the Department of Marketing in some form after they graduate from JMU.  This $1,000 scholarship provides not only financial support but offers unique mentorship opportunities with the EAC membership.

Annual award amount

Need Based

Eligibility Criteria
Sophomore   Junior   Senior  

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be a declared marketing major, and will need to upload an essay and resume.

The nomination and awarding of this scholarship will be made in a manner determined at the discretion of the head of the Department of Marketing. Beyond the above criteria, the appointment of a student to receive this scholarship will follow the University’s guidelines for the awarding of scholarships.

Special application requirements


 In a total of 400-600 words, develop an essay that addresses the following questions: 

  • "Why you want to pursue a career in marketing?” 
  • “How you strive for excellence at JMU in areas such as academics, leadership and/or community service?” 
  • “How you would expect to benefit from the scholarship?” 
  • “How you hope to “Mark-It Forward” for the JMU Department of Marketing some day in the future?"

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