Scholarship Overview

Established April 5, 1989 honoring Alexander B. Berry, Jr. and Linwood G. Parrish, to give support to those students who could not attend college without financial assistance.

To find out more, or to apply, visit the CoB Scholarships page, or call 540-568-3035.

Need Based

Eligibility Criteria
Sophomore   Junior   Senior  

Eligibility Requirements

  • Recipients shall be rising sophomores or higher, shall have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 and shall be majoring in any College of Business program.
  • They shall have demonstrated leadership and citizenship capabilities. Choice of recipients shall be based initially on financial need and secondly on recommendation of faculty and friends of the College of Business.
  • Recipients shall be chosen by a committee appointed by the Dean of the College of Business.
  • To be considered for the Alexander B. Berry Jr. /Parrish Memorial Endowed Scholarship, an applicant must satisfy the specified conditions listed above. 

Special application requirements

This scholarship specifies a “need component”. To be eligible you MUST HAVE A CURRENT FAFSA on-file with the James Madison University Office of Financial Aid.

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