This page is not intended as a substitute for the catalog. Please consult with your advisor and the catalog for the year in which you were admitted.

JMU’s marketing program allows you to pursue a broad perspective of the marketing discipline or to tailor your course of study to focus on the specialized areas of professional sales or digital marketing.

Internships and externships are important steps in preparing for a career in your field of study. They can also enhance your transcript and even be used for academic credit.

Any student admitted to JMU can declare any major offered by the College of Business. However, students must make satisfactory progress in order to be formally admitted into the College of Business. Requirements to continue pursuing a B.B.A. degree, often referred to as progression standards or formal admission, can be found in the undergraduate catalog.

Students are encouraged to develop their individualized academic plans in consultation with an academic advisor, taking into account unique skills, interests and goals.

The required courses equip students with the knowledge and skills all marketers should have. Elective courses allow students to pursue areas of special interest and prepare for specific career tracks in marketing. Students may choose to complete an optional concentration in Professional Sales or Digital Marketing.

Please refer to the undergraduate catalog for the program of study and discover more about the courses we offer from the marketing professors teaching the classes. Course Descriptions.

To officially pursue the B.B.A. in Marketing with a concentration in Professional Sales or Digital Marketing, students must declare the concentration within MyMadison. Those who declare a concentration at least one month before initial registration will have the opportunity to register for concentration-specific classes during that enrollment period (pending course availability and the meeting of pre-requisite requirements).

Professional Sales Concentration

The Professional Sales Concentration is designed for students seeking to launch their careers in the business-to-business domain. In conjunction with the programs and services offered by the JMU Center for Professional Sales, such as networking events and sales competitions, the curriculum prepares students to quickly succeed in the dynamic and competitive world of sales. Graduates work in industries such as technology, bio-medical and business services. Focused course topics include professional selling, sales leadership and CRM technology.

Digital Marketing Concentration

The digital marketing sector is attracting marketing graduates interested in marketing analytics, social media marketing, paid search, display advertising, email marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, mobile marketing, and integrated digital marketing strategy. To prepare for these exciting and emerging career opportunities, students are encouraged to complete marketing electives with a digital marketing emphasis. These courses help students to acquire an understanding of how cutting-edge technology and digital marketing strategies contribute to the achievement of organizational objectives. Students must complete at least two of the digital marketing-focused marketing electives below to earn the digital marketing concentration. Focused course topics include social media, strategic internet and digital marketing.

The hands-on learning environment within the digital marketing area of emphasis lays the groundwork for students to successfully pass professional certification exams such as the Professional Certified Marketer (PCM), Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ), Google Ads, Hootsuite Social Marketing, Facebook Blueprint and Hubspot Marketing Certifications.

Elective courses allow students to pursue areas of special interest and prepare for specific career tracks in marketing. In addition to topics mentioned above, elective courses are offered in the following areas: services and global marketing, product development and management, international logistics and omnichannel retailing.

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