Current Internship and Job Postings

Students learn by doing and the marketing department offers numerous opportunities for students to hone their skills.

Sales Competitions

Held in the Fall and Spring in conjunction with the Career Fair, students compete in Internal Sales Competitions in front of industry professionals for the opportunity to move on to compete in one of the following intercollegiate sales competition. These competitions are an ideal way for students to test their abilities to close the sale in front of business professionals.

Intercollegiate Sales Competitions
Internships - MKTG 494

Internships may be part-time, full-time or non-paid experiences and must meet specified criteria; however, students may be able to earn college credit for their marketing experiences with organizations. Enrollment in MKTG 494 must first be approved.

Employers of Recent JMU Marketing Student Interns.

Learn more about how to earn marketing course credit for your marketing internship.

Social Media Projects

Students in Social Media Marketing learn how to create a comprehensive social media marketing plan (SMMP) by partnering with organizations such as Anicira, a non-profit animal shelter and veterinary clinic. In addition to creating SMMP, students obtain an industry relevant certification (i.e., Hootsuite), are tasked with the challenge of creating viral content, and develop their personal social brand.

Viral Marketing Challenge - Reaching the Audience
Marketing Competitions

Depending on the competition, students can learn to ‘do’ marketing either individually or as part of a team.

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