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Students learn by doing and the marketing department offers numerous opportunities for students to hone their skills.

At the College of Business, you won’t just gather in classrooms to analyze and discuss things you’ve read in a textbook. You’ll learn by doing. By engaging in powerful, impactful educational experiences, you will apply what you have learned in different settings to gain knowledge, build lifelong friendships, engage with alumni and mentors, cultivate your personal growth and much more.

Study Abroad

For many students, the time spent studying abroad is one of the most significant periods in their academic studies. Long afterward they continue to discover that the immersive experience of another culture pays dividends throughout their lives as they navigate new social and global career environments.

The Antwerp, Belgium study abroad opportunity for students who have been accepted into COB 300 not only satisfies the COB 300 requirement, it allows you to blend classroom theory with excursions to vital European businesses and historic sites, providing cultural experiences that broaden and enrich your understanding of European business practices.

In addition, each year brings new business-major specific study abroad opportunities, with past trips traveling to countries such as Panama, Columbia, France, Prague and the UK.

Mentorship, Internships and Externships

Not all learning happens in a classroom, and not all of your experiences will come from being on campus. That’s why we have the Office of Professional Development and Engagement (OPDE). They’re here to help with preparation, programs and information on mentorship, internships and externships.

The OPDE created a Career Mentor Network LinkedIn group that connects knowledgeable College of Business alumni with motivated students for mentorship that can extend far beyond simply understanding your career options. Anyone can network on LinkedIn, but this COB-only group uses mentorship to supplement your classroom learning with skills to navigate your transition into the working world.

The programs and resources of the OPDE are here to help you land that important internship or externship—or both. From resume building workshops to job and internship feeds, you’ll have all the tools you need to stand out from the crowd. 

The marketing department awards academic credit for internship experiences through the MKTG 494 class, which must be taken concurrent with the internship. Consult the current JMU Catalog for further details about the class, as well as the Internships for Academic Credit page.

Resources: Center for Professional Sales

Effective communication is critical in any business or career, and the “art of selling” is a skill that may be applied in many areas of your life. The Center for Professional Sales offers you the opportunity to develop and benchmark your skills and meet with prospective employers as you learn how to accept rejection and turn it into something more positive. Gain self-confidence and make a great investment in your future by learning self-discipline, goal setting, how to build rapport and how to be a good listener.

From knowing how to convince others that an idea makes sense to showing investors how a project will generate a return, learning to ask for what you want and being able to “close the deal” are just part of the art and science that you will practice through the center. 


Competitions offer more than just the end prize. 

They make academic material come to life as students work in teams to analyze and evaluate outcomes, develop innovative solutions to real-world business problems and present their ideas to industry professionals. 

A prestigious annual event for all majors is the Rainey-Shepard Business Plan Competition, the final rite of passage for a select group of student-teams from the required COB 300 integrated business core course. The competition resembles a venture capital fair, as aspiring entrepreneurs pitch ideas to potential investors with more than $25,000 in scholarships and prizes riding on the outcome. Over the event's 20-plus years of existence, founder Don Rainey ('82), Russell "Rusty" Shepard ('86) and a host of other JMU alumni and business professionals have provided ongoing financial support and have also given generously of their time and expertise as competition judges.

Competitions: Sales

Held in the fall and spring in conjunction with the Career Fair, students compete in internal sales competitions hosted by the Center for Professional Sales and judged by visiting industry professionals, with outstanding students earning the opportunity to participate in one of the following intercollegiate sales events such as:

Competitions: Marketing

Students have the opportunity to participate in numerous marketing competitions throughout the academic year. Depending on the competition, students can participate either individually or as part of a team. These are just a few examples of the annual competitions:

Research Experience for Undergraduates

As a future business leader, you’ll need to know how to gather and analyze data to help make the best possible decisions for your company. Our Research Experience for Undergraduates program will help you learn the process of conducting independent research in the business disciplines. 

As an undergraduate research assistant, you’ll make valuable connections with JMU faculty as you collaborate on research topics of mutual interest, learning a wide range of research skills such as reviewing literature, developing surveys, collecting and cleaning data, and analyzing results. These experiences may also give you a competitive edge in applying for graduate school.

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