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The major in business management offers three concentrations that will prepare you for a career in a wide range of industries, from governmental organizations, manufacturing, retail and banking, to pharmaceutical products, consumer products, restaurants and insurance.

You will develop skills in leadership, critical thinking and analytical decision making as you apply key managerial concepts and theories learned in the classroom to practical experiences.

View the Business Management Major at a Glance page for a visual representation of the course of study.

Internships and externships are important steps in preparing for a career in your field of study. They can also enhance your transcript and even be used for academic credit. 

Required Major Coursework:

5 core courses:

  • MGT 320 - Management of Innovation and Technology
  • MGT 325 - Project Management
  • MGT 357 - Evidence-based Decision Making
  • MGT 365 - Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 
  • MGT 390 - Organizational Leadership

2 COB Courses

  • COB 318 - Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
  • COB 487 - Strategic Management

Option One: 5 core courses + 2 concentration courses + 1 elective

Option Two: 5 core courses + 3 electives

Management Consulting

This concentration is designed to develop and enhance students’ critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills. In this track students engage in research and analysis to build a strong foundation for learning and implementing the business analysis and consulting process.

Required Courses

  • MGT 357 – Evidence-Based Decision Making
  • MGT 457 – Management Consulting Fundamentals
  • MGT 467 – Advanced Management Consulting

Human Resource Management

This concentration is designed to help students broaden and deepen their understanding of the acquisition, development, management and retention of human capital in organizations. 

Required Courses

  • MGT 365 – Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
  • MGT 470 – Acquiring and Developing Human Capital
  • MGT 475 – Managing and Retaining Human Capital

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This concentration is designed to provide students with an introduction to the role of innovation in business development, a solid foundation in the principle elements of entrepreneurship and small business management and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with a team to create a new business venture. 

Required Courses

  • MGT 320 – Management of Innovation and Technology
  • MGT 471 – Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • MGT 472 – New Venture Creation
  • MGT 340
  • MGT 375
  • MGT 457
  • MGT 460
  • MGT 461
  • MGT 465
  • MGT 467
  • MGT 470
  • MGT 471
  • MGT 472
  • MGT 475
  • MGT 480
  • MGT 481
  • MGT 490
  • MGT 494
  • MGT 498

Most students complete the lower B.B.A. core in their first two years, and are accepted into the CoB (and take COB 300) in the Fall semester of their junior year. Students are encouraged to develop their individualized academic plans in consultation with an academic advisor, taking into account unique skills, interests and goals. Business management majors are limited to up to four MGT courses per semester.

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