Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Management is to provide students with a nationally competitive undergraduate education in the field of management studies.  The Management major prepares future organizational leaders to manage effectively in a dynamic global business environment. The Management faculty strive to develop students’ theoretical and practical managerial  expertise, focusing on interpersonal and team skills, situational and data analysis, innovation and creativity, problem solving, evidence based decision making, and ethical reasoning.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Management major you will have an in-depth understanding of, and experience in, the following:

  • Formulating and implementing plans, goals, and objectives
  • Managing resources, and organizing, delegating and coordinating work tasks and activities
  • Leading, engaging, and directing individuals and groups in goal-oriented behaviors
  • Monitoring, evaluating, and controlling performance and providing feedback for corrective action
  • Analyzing situations and identifying contextual elements that impact managerial decision making

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