Institute of Certified Professional Managers Scholarship

This scholarship is traditionally given to a rising senior in Management with an outstanding academic record and exceptional future potential as a manager. The scholarship is sponsored by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM), a nonprofit, educational institute. ICPM is the world’s largest certifying organization for management professionals. The student selected for this scholarship should show exceptional promise in the application of real-world, practical management skills and techniques, and critical-thinking and decision-making skills. This is a merit-based scholarship.

Christoph Management Scholarship

This endowed scholarship was established in 1989 by Rick and Orinda Christoph. It is awarded annually to a student studying Management who has demonstrated academic excellence. This is a merit-based scholarship.

Cheryl Mallory Dennier Scholarship in Management

This scholarship is awarded to a student in good standing who is a junior or senior studying in Management and has demonstrated academic excellence (> 3.0 overall GPA). The recipient should lead an engaged and productive lifestyle beyond the classroom as reflected in recommendations provided by faculty members on behalf of candidates. This is a merit-based scholarship.

Management Scholarship

The Management Scholarship Fund was established in 2020 by the Management Executive Advisory Board to provide scholarships for students studying Management who have demonstrated academic excellence. This is a merit-based scholarship.

Students Awards
Outstanding Student in Management

This award is traditionally given to the senior Management student with the most outstanding academic record, who has maintained the highest cumulative GPA while completing his/her degree here at JMU. Additionally, this student should exemplify the knowledge, skills and abilities associated with a successful career in Management, including: knowledge and understanding of key Management concepts, strong critical thinking and organizational skills, the ability to formulate strategy and plan effectively, the ability to  lead, motivate, and supervise effectively, adaptability in the face of change, and strong interpersonal skills.

Management Faculty Awards for Excellence

These awards (typically 2-3 students per year) are traditionally given to senior Management students who have maintained high cumulative GPAs, and embody the attributes of successful future managers. These students exemplify the application of management concepts in their approach to academics and extracurricular activities and consistently strive for excellence in all of their endeavors. Additionally, these students exhibit openness to new experiences and a desire to learn that results in continuous improvement of their skills and abilities.

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