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Welcome to the Spatial Information Clearinghouse for Humanitarian Mine Action. This site is intended as an educational resource for members of the demining community on Spatial Data and Geographic Information Systems.

Spatial data is the foundation of information systems that can empower users to make better decisions. These systems are capable of large volumes of data processing, but are useless without data to calculate. It is this data about the location, shape of, and relationships among, geographic features that reveals the true potential of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

This site is devoted to the understanding of the many facets of spatial data, and how that data can be implemented to increase efficiency and streamline workflow. The Spatial Data Issues section is a primer for the usage and understanding of spatial data.

This site is also dedicated to the acquisition of spatial data. A Clearinghouse of metadata is provided to assist in the process of finding international data sources. Acquiring the proper data is one of the most time consuming aspects of any spatial data project.

Click here for a PowerPoint introduction to the SIC. (Internet Explorer 6 on a PC recommended.)

Mission Statement

At the 1998 Demining Conference in Ispra Italy, James Madison University (JMU) introduced the idea for a Spatial Data Clearinghouse for Humanitarian Demining. In 1999, a team comprising of faculty and students, evaluated the feasibility of a worldwide spatial data clearinghouse. The purpose of such a clearinghouse would be to aid demining organizations in better understanding, acquiring and using geo-spatial data to streamline their respective operations. This site is the current evolution of that project. It focuses on the practical and theoretical aspects of geospatial data.

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