The Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction

coversThe Journal is a forum for humanitarian mine action- and explosive remnants of war-clearance best practices and methodologies, strategy planning, mine-risk education, and survivors’ assistance. The Journal began in 1997 and is the longest continuous source of information on ERW and Mine Action in the world. 

usflag-1.jpgThe Journal is produced by CISR and sponsored by the U.S. Department of State's Political-Military Bureau, Department of Weapons Removal and Abatement (PM/WRA).


The Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction 2016-now 20.1 on print: 2469-7575
online: 2154-1485
The Journal of ERW and Mine Action 2008 - 2015 12.2 - 19.3 print: 2154-1469
online: 2154-1485
The Journal of Mine Action 1998 - 2008 2.2-12.1 print: 1533-9440
online: 1533-6905
The Journal of Humanitarian Demining 1997-1998 1.1-2.1 print: 1533-9440
online: 1533-6905
JMU Scholarly Commons

The JMU Scholarly Commons is a publishing and institutional respoitory platform designed to increase exposure and impact of scholarship and activities of the James Madison University community. These materials include papers, presentations, data sets, images, and multimedia items. 

Nearly 400 institutions use Digital Commons to share, publish, and track the impact of their faculty and student scholarship and research, journal publishing, data management, conferences and events, and archives and special collections. It offers tools to manage and showcase the full spectrum of scholarship from datasets to multimedia, technical reports to special collections. Digital Commons is optimized for search engines, which means increased impact and citations for contributors.

The JMU Scholarly Commons also houses the Global CWD Repository, a centralized location to store more than two decades worth of current and historical documentation related to lessons learned, best practices, successes and challenges in humanitarian demining and conventional weapons destruction. The Repository is divided into the following easily searchable categories:

  1. Advocacy and International Law: Documents relating to the development of international law regarding conventional weapons, advocacy on behalf of these treaties, and adherence to the legislation.
  2. Centers and Organizations: Reports from NGOs and national authorities specific to their organization’s policies, research, and reports. These documents do not necessarily fit within any other categories as subject-specific, and are more focused on the positions and issues specific to an organization.
  3. ERW Clearance: Studies, data, and country/region reports specific to landmines, unexploded ordance, improvised explosive devices, or other explosive remnants of war
  4. Conventional Weapons Stockpile Destruction: Studies, data, and country/region reports specific to small arms and light weapons, physical security and stockpile management, stockpile destruction, unplanned explosions, etc
  5. Risk Education: Studies, data, and country/region reports specific to risk education
  6. Victim Assistance: Studies, data, and country/region reports specific to victim assistance
  7. Accident and Incident Database (AID): Specific documentation and/or accounts of accidents and incidents that occurred during humanitarian demining operations

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To Walk the Earth in Safety

TWEIS covers

CISR produces To Walk the Earth in Safety for the U.S. Department of States Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement. To Walk the Earth in Safety is the United States' government annual report on Conventional Weapons Destruction programs.

A complete archive of To Walk the Earth in Safety is available through the:

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