From Vietnam to Jordan to Tajikstan and beyond... for 25 years CISR has worked in humanitarian development around the world! We look forward to serving the CWD community for years to come.

Ken Rutherford and Dennis Barlow
Click on their names to view interviews with (left) former director Dr. Ken Rutherford (2010-2019) and (right) founding director COL (ret.) Dennis Barlow (1996-2009)


Aging Study
Study of the Effects of Aging on Landmines
To Walk the Earth in Safety
The Journal

circle-logo-150.jpgOn September 21, 2021, CISR celebrated 25 years with a panel event featuring key stakeholders throughout CISR’s history. Moderated by Dr. Suzanne Fiederlein, the panel included

  • Dr. Ken Rutherford,  Former CISR Director/JMU Professor
  • Dr. Anne Stewart, CISR Partner/JMU Professor
  • Dr. Fariss Mousa, CISR Partner/JMU Professor
  • Dr. Geary Cox (‘06, ‘08M, ‘19Ph.D.), JMU alumnus, Former CISR Employee, and current U.S. Department of State staff member

Their stories and experiences highlighted how CISR has impacted the global CWD community and connected JMU with the world. 

View event on YouTube

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