Global Positioning System - GPS in Demining

Data Types
Expected Accuracy

Line, Area

+ / - 1 meter


< 1 meter

High Accuracy (6 satellites, point data only)

< 7 centimeters

Table 1:DGPS in relation to International Mine Clearing Standards And Survey Types
(and expected accuracy) (UN, 2000)

Level 1: General Survey

“Collect information on the general locations of suspected or mined areas.  Information must be collected about the areas affected by mines and the area not affected.”  “Survey teams are to record mapping activities on a sketch at a scale no smaller than 1 : 10,000.” (UN, 2000)

DGPS can be applied to this survey type because the sketch is to be at a scale no smaller than 1 : 10,000 and the DGPS data obtained will be no less than two meters off in accuracy.  With the use of DGPS, the survey team can easily create a real-world “sketch.” 

Level 2: Technical Survey

“…determine and delineate the perimeter of the mined locations initially identified by LEVEL ONE: general survey.  The marked perimeter forms the area for future mine clearance operations.”  “…survey teams are to record survey mapping activities on a sketch at a scale no smaller than 1 : 10,000.” (UN, 2000)


In the seriousness of a marked perimeter for future mine clearance operations, DGPS is recommended (especially high accuracy DGPS).  With this, it is possible to define the minefield with no less than one meter of error. 

Level 3: Completion Survey

“…accurately record area cleared.  It is also recommended that permanent markers be used to indicate turning and intermediate points of the perimeter of the mined area.” (UN, 2000)

Once again, DGPS would be extremely useful in LEVEL THREE, determining those areas cleared and marking turning and intermediate points. 

Survey Reports:

Survey form entries where DGPS would be useful include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinates
  • Landmark coordinates
  • Benchmark coordinates
  • Datum point coordinates
  • Safe line
  • Safe areas
  • Perimeters of mined area


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