The Global Mine Action Registry is a databank of organizations and individuals involved in mine action worldwide. Users can search by organization type, mine action activity, and country of operation or browse through the entire list of organizations.

All mine action participants are encouraged to register as well as to keep the mine action community aware of current activities and fieldwork.

Note: The Global Mine Action Registry is a tool for organizations working directly in mine action. Every efforts made to verify information in this registry, and we will remove any organization from this registry that does not have a demonstrable and verifiable interest in mine action. To keep the registry useful to the mine action community we will eliminate listings for those attempting to sell services outside the scope of the mine action community. If you are unsure about whether or not your organization can be included in the Registry, please contact us.

Using the Global Mine Action Registry

Searching the Registry -

To search for a list of organizations based on Organization Type, Activity Detail, Country or specific keyword(s):

Choose the criteria from the drop-down menus and/or add keywords in the Keyword Search

Click Perform Search.

Click on a specific organization to view complete contact information.

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