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Project and Program Specialist
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Adrienne Harman-Griggs is the Project and Program Specialist for CISR. Prior to joining CISR she was the Innovation and Impact Coordinator for the Disability-inclusive Sexual Health Network with the Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services at JMU. In that role she served as the project manager working with a network of organizations around the state to increase access to sexual health education for youth with disabilities. She earned her Master of Science in Education in Adult Education / Human Resource Development from JMU in 2022. Prior to that she graduated from JMU in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with a concentration in public health education. Adrienne is passionate about food insecurity and is the board chair for Patchwork Pantry, a local food pantry. In her free time Adrienne likes to cook, visit the farmers market, and spend time with her husband and 3 dogs.

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