Organization Name:
World Rehabilitation Fund, Inc.

Organization Type:

Mission Statement:
Founded in 1955, the World Rehabilitation Fund is the pioneer organization devoted to the development and implementation of rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities throughout the world. With a mission to enable people with disabilities to achieve community and social integration through rehabilitation, our core staff and field representatives work closely with a team of consultants to develop culturally appropriate initiatives that address all aspects of rehabilitation, from incident through reintegration.

Contact Information

Full Mailing Address:
16 E. 40th Street - Suite #704
New York, NY 10016 USA


Phone Number:
(2120 532-6000

Fax Number:
(212) 532-6012

Email Address:


    Activity Detail(s)

  • Survivor and Victim Assistance
  • Mine Risk Education
  • Humanitarian Coordination

    Country(ies) of Operation

  • Cambodia
  • Lebanon
  • Mozambique
  • Sierra Leone
  • Dominican Republic
  • Kazakhstan
  • Uzbekistan

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