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University of Virginia

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The School of Engineering is committed to ensuring the economic prosperity, health, and security of our society by expanding the frontiers of knowledge and pursuing cutting edge programs in technological research. In a score of fields, from biomedical engineering to microelectronics to new materials, our faculty are at the forefront of technology. Research is at the core of our educational mission. Our faculty's ability to share the fruits of their own investigations directly with students gives their courses an unparalleled immediacy and ensures our graduates leave here with an appreciation of the most pressing questions in their field. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with government agencies, businesses, and foundations to identify research needs, to expand established technologies and develop new ones, and to transfer knowledge and technology to industry.

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Engineering and Applied Science, School of
Thornton Hall
PO Box 400246
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4246


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  • Clearance and Detection

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  • USA

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