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University of Missouri-Columbia

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The University of Missouri-Columbia, MU, is the largest and oldest campus of the state's major public research institutions. MU's primary mission in research and doctoral education provides enhanced opportunities and challenges in the undergraduate areas of humanities, arts, and sciences and in selected professional fields and provides the basis for service to the people of the state via outreach programs. A predominantly residential campus, MU serves select and diverse undergraduate and professional students from all parts of the state. Its graduate students are recruited nationally and internationally. Through its outreach programs, MU meets selected educational and informational needs of Missouri citizens throughout the state. MU aspires to achieve national and international prominence for its research and educational contributions. It will build on its research strengths in basic and applied biological and biomedical sciences; nuclear and related physical and engineering sciences; and selected social and behavioral sciences. It will strengthen its leadership roles in agriculture and journalism. Because of its large enrollment of undergraduates, MU will enhance the core disciplines required for all those seeking baccalaureate degrees, giving special attention to areas, such as languages and mathematical sciences, that provide the necessary foundation for truly educated citizens.

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Colombia, MO 65211


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573 882 4523

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  • Research and Technology

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  • USA

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