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University of Florida

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Provide quality education and conduct nationally recognized research in nuclear and radiological engineering to serve the needs of Florida and the nation. Goal: Educate nuclear and radiological engineering professionals in areas related to the release, control and safe utilization of nuclear energy, radiation and radioactivity to benefit society. Program Educational Objectives: Provide students with the ability to apply advanced mathematics, computational skills, science and engineering science, including atomic and nuclear physics, to identify, formulate, analyze and solve nuclear and radiological engineering problems. Provide students with a knowledge of the fundamentals of radiation transport, interactions and detection and with the principles required for the analysis, design and safe operation of radiation producing and using equipment and systems. Provide students with the ability to design and conduct experiments and analyze and interpret data using current experimental, data acquisition and data analysis techniques. Provide students with the skills needed to communicate effectively, work collaboratively and understand their professional and ethical responsibilities and the impact of engineering solutions in a societal and economic context to facilitate their pursuit of successful, productive careers in nuclear and radiological engineering.

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Department of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering
100 Rhines Hall, PO Box 116400,
Gainesville FL 32611-6400


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(352) 846-3300

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(352) 392-7219

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  • Research and Technology

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  • USA

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