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University of Cape Town

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Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering. Undergraduate Programmes: The basic undergraduate degree is a four year program. It allows a number of specializations. These include Electronic Engineering, Power Engineering, and Computer Engineering There are two additional four year programmes that are combinations of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering courses. Electro-mechanical Engineering (under Mechanical Engineering) and Mechatronics Engineering (under Electrical Engineering) Postgraduate Research: The Department has active research programmes in many areas of electrical and electronic engineering. Geography: The University of Cape Town is situated in Cape Town, a city at the Southern tip of Africa. Our department is on the upper campus at the foot of Devil's Peak which is relatively close to Table Bay. The department is situated in University Avenue on the Groote Schuur campus and occupies space in the old Engineering Building with all laboratory facilities located in new building extensions. History: The University of Cape Town evolved from the south African College founded in 1829. The faculty of engineering at the South African College was created in 1903. UCT was given independence by an act on parliament in 1918. The first engineering graduates with University of Cape Town degrees were in the same year.

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Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Cape Town
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South Africa

South Africa

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+27 +21 650-2811, +27 +21 650-2795

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