Organization Name:
Umeed Organization

Organization Type:

Mission Statement:
To strive for peace and 1)stability and encourage movements towards the goal 2)To discourage drug production,drug trafficking,and join hands with various govt and non,govt agencies /organization active for achivement of the goal 3) to strive for observance of human rights 4)To work for the economic empowerment of women and the marginalized segments of society 5)to strive for ensuring education for all with out any discriminiation 6)to arrange for education at school,college, university level for the needy 7) To work for poverty alleviation 8)To extend financial help to the poor and marginalized groups 9)To work for development of the area.

Contact Information

Full Mailing Address:
silk plaza mansehra road
supply Abbottabad(N.W.F.P)


Phone Number:

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    Activity Detail(s)

  • Clearance and Detection
  • Demining Equipment
  • Protective Equipment

    Country(ies) of Operation

  • Pakistan

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