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Taipei Overseas Peace Service (TOPS)

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In the sixty-eight years of the Republic of China, China has experienced high economic growth and political development for more than thirty years, and the people have a growing demand for human rights protection, but the Kaohsiung Beautiful Island incident broke out due to the polarization of the development of the opposition. Advocating human rights diplomacy, although adopting double standards as human fouling, has promoted the world's understanding and attention to human rights. Stimulated by the exchanges at home and abroad, in order to promote the understanding and importance of human rights of the people of Taiwan, in the spring of 1988, Mr. Hang Liwu and more than 100 people who cared about human rights founded our country ’s first civil human rights in Taipei. Organization-China Human Rights Association. In May 1999, in response to the needs of the Association to expand its internal affairs and exchanges and cooperation with the outside world, the "Chinese Human Rights Association" was officially renamed as "Chinese Human Rights Association"!


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