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SRF Humanity Dog

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The company is owned by the Swedish Foundation of the Visually Impaired, who has been authorized by the Swedish government to provide the visually impaired with Guide dogs in Sweden. Our long experience of Guide dogs together with 60 years experience of breeding and training dogs and dog handlers is the foundation of our business. The knowledge that is available in our company is invaluable when we are training Working Dogs and Dog Handlers. Humanity Dog is represented in Bosnia, Angola Norway and Finland. Our background and our strong owners will guarantee a longtime partner. All our Working Dogs are bred and trained by the Hundskolan i SollefteŒ. We only use breeds that are fitting to the task. We have our own facility for breeding, every year a large number of puppies are born. The large quantity is a guarantee for first class quality.

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Sandsborgsvagen 50
S-122 88 ENSKEDE


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+46 8 39 90 00

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+46 8 39 94 39

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  • Advocacy and Diplomacy

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  • Norway
  • Sweden

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