Organization Name:
Spirit of Soccer

Organization Type:

Mission Statement:
No child should ever be denied the right to play sport with his/her own limbs because of landmine injuries. No child should lose his/her life because of landmines.

Contact Information

Full Mailing Address:
Spirit of Soccer
PO Box 1454
Johnstown, PA

United States

Phone Number:
001 814 539 6148

Fax Number:
+387 33 550 751

Email Address:


    Activity Detail(s)

  • Research and Technology
  • Mine Risk Education
  • Clearance and Detection
  • Humanitarian Coordination
  • Training
  • Program Management and Coordination
  • Marking and Monitoring
  • Awareness
  • Quality Assurance
  • Demining Equipment

    Country(ies) of Operation

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina

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