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Russian Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

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Russian Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War is a non-profit advocacy organization that is the medical and public health voice for policies to stop nuclear war and proliferation. Beyond its head-office in Moscow, IPPNW-Russia has national chapters in a number of major Russian regions, like St.-Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg, Irkutsk among others. IPPNW-Russia is governed by two Co-Presidents (currently – by Dr. Sergei Kolesnikov and Dr. Vladimir Garkavenko) and the Board elected every second year. The Moscow office is run by Elena Tikhomirova, IPPNW-Russia Executive Director.

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Solyanka Str., 14,
Moscow 109544

Russian Federation

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    Activity Detail(s)

  • Research and Technology
  • Mine Risk Education
  • Advocacy and Diplomacy
  • Humanitarian Coordination
  • Regional Cooperation
  • Policy
  • Awareness

    Country(ies) of Operation

  • Russian Federation

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