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Royal Military Academy of Belgium

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Mission Statement:
The Royal Military Academy is a university institution, charged with the common basic education of career officers of all Services. We want - to form officers who are capable of leadership in varied, complex and exceptional circumstances, in the service of the national and international community - to adapt our education permanently to the needs of the Armed Forces - to integrate the values of society into the Armed Forces, and to propagate the proper values of the Armed Forces in society We do this through - developing the entire personality of the officer by means of a multidisciplinary and integrated education in the academic, military, physical, character and deontological field - a well-adapted organisation and modern didactics - a close co-operation with the Armed Forces - fundamental and applied scientific research with special attention for defence problems - a great openness and putting ours means and expertise at the disposal of the Armed Forces, and the national and international community

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Avenue de la Renaissance 30
1000 Brussels


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+32 2 737 6111

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  • Research and Technology

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  • Belgium

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