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Monash University School of Physics and Astronomy

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The School offers undergraduate majors in physics, materials science, and materials engineering within the Faculties of Science and Engineering. The interdisciplinary strengths of the School give our graduates an advantage in industry and research - they are highly employable and consistently among the best in the state. Other teaching areas popular with students are in astronomy/astrophysics, biomedical physics and engineering, environmental physics and engineering, radiography and medical imaging. The School is a national leader in research with a large number of postgraduate research students. Its research interests range from cast alloys, ceramics, and condensed matter physics to cosmology, polymers and medical imaging. The School has well-equipped research centres in cast metals, polymers, advanced materials, electron microscopy and microanalysis, and X-ray physics and imaging.

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School of Physics and Astronomy
Clayton 3168, Victoria


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+61 3 905 3595

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+61 3 905 3637

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  • Research and Technology

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  • Australia

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