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McMaster University

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MHSI has a strategic role in identifying and supporting the development of international opportunities in health sciences education for the mutual benefit of both McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences and the international community as a whole. We Offer... educational programs which lead to the granting of a variety of undergraduate, graduate and in-service certificate qualifications for full fee paying international students; training of health care professionals through professional up-date programs; "training the trainers", and health care leadership and management development programs; consultations and project management for a variety of international clients; service oriented development activities for organizations such as the World Health Organization, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and InterHealth Canada; the franchising of the commercial rights to use successful components of the FHS educational portfolio; the development and sale of course materials for use as teaching and/or training resources.

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Center for Int'l Health (2E1)
Box 2000, Sta A, Ontario L8N 3Z5


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+1 905-525-9140, ext. 22400

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+1 905-524-5228

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