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Foerster Instruments Inc. - Landmine and UXO Detection Instruments

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Manufacture and sale of high quality landmine and UXO detection instruments.

To provide quick and uncomplicated services around the world, the FOERSTER Group has developed a competent network of 10 subsidiaries and qualified representations in over 60 countries.

Efficient and diligent business in global markets requires partners with a global presence. In order to take advantage of our products, please get in touch with our local representations.

Technical customer service is provided by product and industry experts and at FOERSTER forms part of our fundamental service portfolio together with short delivery times and excellent service on site. The effective cooperation between FOERSTER Group employees and their customers, representations, partners, and suppliers around the world creates an exemplary combination of competences and experiences as well as quick and customer-focused solutions.

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Myles Capen
Foerster Instruments Incorporated
140 Industry Drive
RIDC PArk West
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15275


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    Activity Detail(s)

  • Mine Risk Education
  • Other
  • Advocacy and Diplomacy
  • Humanitarian Coordination

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