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Engineers Without Borders/Ingenieurs Sans Frontiers Canada

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EWB is a Canadian international development NGO, with 22 university-based chapters and over 2500 engineering student and professional members across Canada. Our twofold mission involves first overseas international development efforts, utilizing engineering expertise to help local NGOs solve development problems, and second a national education and outreach program to teach Canadians about development issues. As part of our international development work, we teamed up with Mines Action Canada to run the CATIMAC. The CATIMAC is devised primarily as a tool to teach post-secondary school science and engineering students about landmine issues, and secondarily to encourage the development of inexpensive, reliable and effective technologies related to mine action and humanitarian demining. The competition is open to all Canadian University, college and technical school students and requires them to submit preliminary and final research/design reports that address a specific mine action technical need that is defined by deminers who are actually in the field. Top entries, evaluated by our team of experienced judges, are passed on to the Canadian Centre for Mine Action Technology ( where they are entered into the evelopment/testing program. A recent design that came out of our competition is Intellicharge (, which is now under product development with support from CCMAT.

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Engineers Without Borders Canada
188 Davenport Rd, Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 1J2


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+1 416.481.3696

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+1 416.222.0166

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  • Survivor and Victim Assistance

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  • Canada

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