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EMARC Ordnance College Pakistan

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The history of Ordnance College is as old as the British legacy itself. The art of equipping the soldier and training was supervised under various Ordnance arsenals established by British in the subcontinent. The College traces back to the training of officers at Royal Military Academy Woolwich which was established in 1741 to educate the military branch of the Board of Ordnance. Ordnance College in undivided India was originally established in 1925 at Kirkee. On independence of Pakistan, it was moved to Malir Cantonment. This institution remained a part of Ordnance Centre till 1984. Since then it was given a status of an independent entity as Ord School, later the School was upgraded to Ord College in 2012. The institution is training 800 to 900 Ordnance Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers, soldiers and civilian students including students from allied countries. With the strenuous efforts and urge to achieve professionalism par excellence, the College has emerged as the first quality training institution of Pakistan Army certified by ISO 9001:2008

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  • Survivor and Victim Assistance
  • Humanitarian Coordination

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  • Pakistan

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