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College of Engineering at University of Texas at Arlington

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UTA's College of Engineering provides one of the most comprehensive engineering programs in the nation, with eight baccalaureate programs, 17 master's and nine doctorates. Our 3,950 students make us the third largest engineering college in Texas. Approximately 120 full time and 20 part time faculty members provide our students with a wide selection of comprehensive and challenging instructional programs. They are also innovators - several hold multiple patents and many are called upon to conduct workshops and make presentations at technical gatherings around the world. Well-equipped research and instructional laboratories, from electro-optics to neural networks, from hypersonic wind tunnels to our new Nanotechnology Research & Teaching Facility, allow our faculty and students to investigate and develop processes and applications leading to the next technological revolutions. Our alumni have achieved high stature within their chosen career fields. They have started companies, developed popular computer games, and patented innovative processes and applications. Two of our graduates have become Space Shuttle astronauts. UTA's Fort Worth campus is home to the Automation & Robotics Research Institute, the premier technology transfer center in the Southwest, where academia and industry merge to develop innovative and efficient manufacturing processes.

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UT Arlington College of Engineering
634 Nedderman Hall
416 Yates Street - Box 19019
TX 76019-0019


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  • Research and Technology

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  • USA

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