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Chalmers University of Technology

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The School of Electrical Engineering comprises five departments, reflecting the range of teaching in the Electrical Engineering programme. Signals and Systems specialises in communication, control engineering and signal processing. Electrical Engineering deals with electric power in its different forms, i.e. generation, distribution and use. The department of Microelectronics is a large department with a broad field of specialisation, from silicon design and high-speed electronics to integrated circuits and optics. The department of Radio and Space Science is linked to the Onsala Space Observatory and, apart from observing space galaxies and quasars, works with remote analysis and geodesy. Electromagnetics is a department where the work centres on antenna design, electromagnetic calculations and the biological effects of electromagnetic fields.

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Department of Electrical Engineering
s-412 96 Goteborg


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+46 31 772 1780

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+46 31 772 1782

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  • Research and Technology

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  • Sweden

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