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Armtrac Ltd

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Armtrac provides a wide range of directly operated and remotely controlled mine action machinery including flails, tillers, sifters and brush cutters with first hand operational experience gained in countries throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Armtrac draws on more than 10 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing Mine Action Machinery to offer a wide range of purpose built tools for sale or leasing to mine clearance organisations across the world. Manufacture is carried out under the ISO 9000 quality assurance system and the company never Ôreinvents the wheelÕ when developing its equipment. Instead wherever possible it uses existing, proven plant and machinery, adapting it and enhancing it to optimise it for its role in preparing ground, removing vegetation and reducing the threat posed by landmines in all types of climate and terrain. Applying this fundamental philosophy to all its operations brings ease of logistic support through readily available spares and skills, allied to fuel efficient operation, making the Armtrac range of machinery cost effective, safe, reliable and thoroughly trusted by field operators.

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Armtrac Ltd
5 Ten Bell Lane
England UK

United Kingdom

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0044 [0] 1638743979

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0044 [00 1638742578

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