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Action Group

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The five demands of the German Initiative to Ban Landmines:

  1. A worldwide prohibition on the development, production, export (including technology transfers) and employment of all types of landmines.
  2. Disclosure of all landmine related R&D projects, landmine exports, military landmine warfare plans, landmine stockpiles, including those of exterritorial armies.
  3. The verified destruction of all existing landmines.
  4. Diversion of national budgets used for developing and procuring all landmine and minelaying technologies to rehabilitating and compensating mine victims.
  5. Comprehensive support for mine clearing operations under the control of the UN and relevant humanitarian organizations, for instance by financing a mine clearing fund.

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00 +49 30 3266 1681

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00 +49 30 3266 1680

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    Activity Detail(s)

  • Humanitarian Coordination

    Country(ies) of Operation

  • Cambodia
  • Ethiopia
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Chad
  • Iraq
  • Mozambique
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Angola
  • Colombia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sudan
  • Afghanistan
  • El Salvador
  • Nicaragua
  • Kosovo, FYR
  • Laos

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