Mark Crispin Harrison



Position Wanted:
Technical Advisor / Technical Field Manager Mine Action or Quality Assurance role dependant on suitability with my experience

Almost nine years as a naval officer has given me the ability to take on challenges, working in austere environments, to not only meet but exceed at every available opportunity. It has given me the ability to be flexible; to continue driving forward even in the face of plans changing, and setbacks. Operating helicopters, I kept a clear head under pressure; working closely with the team around me. This has given me skills suitable to a TA/TFM role.

Key Strengths

Excellent communication and leadership skills from my experience as an officer, with strong core values.

High levels of experience in a variety of different roles giving decision making and relationship management skills, whilst maintaining flexibility through this change.

Always strives for excellence and enjoys a challenge, as demonstrated by consistent strong performance in the role running VIP visits on the Navys biggest build project.

Enjoys meeting and working with new people, a confident and approachable personality; such as sourcing of investment for a UK-start-up company in Hong Kong and Asia.

Career Summary and Key Achievements

Joined the Navy in 2008; leaving in Oct 2016, and had many different roles, learning a varied array of skills that are relevant to a variety of different positions including a TA/TFM role in the ERW sector. These roles have included:

Operations Manager - Coordinated multi-national amphibious and airborne assets during operational duties on ship;  communicated with a wide variety of other personnel, including from other nations, in a concise, yet informative format, made important decisions on the spot, and reacted to abilities of others to get the most out of available assets and complete tasks as quickly and effectively as possible. Again, this role lends itself well to managing teams on the ground, efficiently, and safely.

Humanitarian Flood Relief Officer - During some of the worst flooding seen in the United Kingdom I was in charge of a team of Naval personnel on standby to deploy as part of a co-ordinated military response. I led a team to Bude, Cornwall where I worked alongside police, fire and the environment agency to provide protection from tidal surges. This involved education to locals and tasking a wider team to build flood defence; resulting in almost no damage to the town during the surge.

Events Manager - Ran Senior VIP Visits Department on the future flagships of the Royal Navy  new multi billion pound aircraft carriers HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH and HMS PRINCE OF WALES. Solely responsible for event planning, and running all visits from politicians and diplomats, to NATO and foreign VIPs, including royalty. This demanded co-ordinating up to 50 people at any one time under the delegation of the Captain of the vessel and the head of industry for the project; ensuring the right message was always portrayed. Used interpersonal skills as the forward face of the Ship to visitors and dealt with any problems at all levels to ensure these visits ran smoothly, which would lend itself well to dealing with media, and running teams in an ERW role.

Projects Manager - Ran leadership courses for up to 30 people at a time, focusing on career development. Personally led and implemented a coaching and mentoring scheme for all students; improved standard of output at academy; which subsequently improved the standards of successful candidates on course; and managed change through different projects from implementing new IT delivery suites and the training output subsequently increased by over 500%, to project managing an update of the physical internal and external image of the academy. This demonstrates my ability to manage a project, and to look after those working with and around me.

Executive Assistant / Transformation Officer - Multi-tasked between roles and managed schedules of senior military personnel; delivered briefs to meet operational requirements worldwide and supported defence transformation programme. Managed time and a drove to achieve to a high standard on all levels.

Flying Training - Attended various flying courses with Navy ranging from light aircraft to high-tech helicopters. Gained skills such as multi tasking, prioritisation, and responding to changing situations under pressure to allow operations to be completed successfully but most importantly, safely. It also demonstrated learning highly technical skills and procedures quickly, and performing them safely. This is very similar to the strict adherence to procedures needed in the ERW sector.

Special Projects Manager / Recruitment Officer - Held various public relations jobs; worked with the development of recruitment for Naval Aircrew  reforming the way that candidates went through interview and selection to join the Navy, and pioneered award winning scheme for young adults with social problems. This was a personal task from the Managing Board of the Royal Navy, to create this scheme from scratch, identifying and agreeing the programme, when faced with much resistance due to the nature of the participants. Presented well, using all methods of communication; worked to targets and deadlines, and dealt with, at times, difficult individuals and organisations. This would be useful in an ERW role dealing with different, and sometimes difficult organisations and individuals, demonstrating an ability to drive towards completion of the task.

Relevant Previous Education

IMAS EOD Level 2 and 3 at MAT Kosovo

CMI courses at level 5 and 3 in Management Leadership and First Line Management

CMI Level 5 in Management Coaching and Mentoring

European Computer Driving License

Hobbies and Interests

My biggest passion is travel and meeting new people. I have an extensive network in Asia and beyond, and spend much time in Dubai.

I am keen on all types of sport, having undertaken many adventurous pursuits with the Navy, from white water rafting to bungee jumping and my personal favourite; ski touring.


Ben Remfrey  Managing Director of PCM ERW Risk Management and MAT Kosovo LLC

Gary Elmer  Instructor at MAT Kosovo

Commander Mike Dineen Royal Navy

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