Michael Bouffard


Virginia, USA

Position Wanted:
TA/TFM. UXO/SALW/IED mitigation and remediation positions


Energetic self-starter with a proven capability to communicate ideas and objectives, ensuring optimization of team resources to meet short and long term goals.  A combination of successful technical ordnance and improvised explosive device expertise, leading teams, and execution of orders make me an ideal candidate for a TA/TFM position.



I have served a combat tour as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer in Afghanistan, where I was entrusted to lead personnel in five separate geographical locations on 270 combat missions over a nine month period. I gained invaluable experience, managing an extremely varied mission set in support of Conventional, U.S. Special Operations Forces, and Afghan Special Forces.


I am fully trained in the mitigation of explosive hazards to include military munitions and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). I have also received 40 hours (each) of training in the areas of IED electronics, explosive event exploitation (post blast analysis), weapons technical intelligence, and homemade explosives. Additionally, I am a novice German speaker.


Physically fit and mission focused, I strive to ensure the needs of the organization are met in a timely and efficient manner. I have scored expert with my assigned weapon, consistently achieve the maximum score on the Army Physical Fitness Test, and am certified in civilian lead climbing and SCUBA diving.


Assistant Operations Officer: Future Operations Cell Chief, OCT 2016 to Present

59th OD BDE, Fort Lee, VA

Selected to attend the Navys Advanced Improvised Explosive Device Defeat school in Eglin AFB, FL. This high intensity school teaches Military and DOJ bomb technicians advanced techniques to successfully mitigate hazards on complex, high threat IEDs.

Leadership: Directly managed daily workload and future projects with clear and concise guidance for two personnel in my cell. Acted as a mentor for all 15 members of my office as well as junior Officers throughout the Brigade by providing candid feedback as appropriate. Set the example for my peers to follow by displaying integrity and professionalism in my actions, and loyalty to my unit.

Organizing and Planning: Successfully managed several high profile projects, while ensuring lower priority initiatives received adequate resources. Established and met project timelines and milestones critical for on time execution of project phases. Conducted after action reviews to record best practices, recognize excellence, and improve on future operations.

Problem solving/judgement: Managed operational risks by employing the military Deliberate Risk Management process and consulting with Department of the Army Safety personnel. Thorough assessment of unit capabilities resulted in identification of potential weakness and recommendations to  the Commander to mitigate their impact. Diligent problem identification and subsequent risk management resulted in zero accidents during all major operations.

Flexibility/Adaptability: Quickly adapted to unexpected job assignment and became a trusted member of my new organization. Supported new Commanders initiatives and projects; encouraged Brigade as a whole to accept and work towards achieving these goals.

Initiative: Spearheaded a major undertaking despite having no experience whatsoever in conducting an Army-wide event. Quickly learned  to navigate the Army structure , establishing necessary contacts to secure funding and support for such an event. Liaised with outside agencies such as local news outlets and other units for media coverage, material, and manpower support.

Established and implemented the Brigade Organizational Inspection Program. This program ensured all organizational procedures and policies were followed to the letter, and resulted in a 100% score in follow on inspections.

Operations Officer, DEC 2015 to FEB 2016

704th OD CO (EOD), Fort Hood, TX

Leadership: Operations Officer directly responsible for the health, welfare, training, and professional development of 7 operations personnel. As the senior lieutenant in the unit, responsible for training and mentoring all junior officers in the Company. In my Commander's absence, took charge of 87 personnel, including fellow officers and noncommissioned officers with over 20 years of experience.

Interpersonal Ability: Acted as a coach and confidant for the Soldiers in my section. Ensuring my support staff Soldiers understood the value of their mission was critical to the success of the unit over all.

Collaboration: Frequently worked with the other Companies in my unit to ensure we maximized use of training areas and unit funding. Collaborated with our Chemical Corps counterparts to develop and execute a joint Chemical Response Field Exercise, encouraging exchange of techniques between our units.

Organizing and Planning: Planned and executed five small arms ranges, certifying over 200 Soldiers on their individual and crew served weapons systems; conducted multiple demolition ranges to increase Soldier survivability and effectiveness on the battlefield.

Problem solving/judgement: Organized and facilitated the redeployment of unit personnel and over $2 million worth of mission essential equipment, with no injury or loss of material, in order to return from Afghanistan in a timely and efficient manner.

Flexibility/Adaptability: Expediently developed tracking and management systems to account for a large influx of personnel due to force restructuring. Successfully managed company operations despite frequent personnel turnover and a personnel excess of almost 100%.

Initiative: Provided EOD support to the United States Secret Service on two VIP missions, ensuring sensitive areas remained free of explosive hazards. While forward deployed, conducted site vulnerability assessments and explosive clearance operations in preparation for official visits.

Communication: Primarily accountable for the propagation of information within the Company. Dutifully crafted and published Operations Orders detailing mission essential responsibilities to subordinate platoons. Followed up with in person mission briefings to confirm comprehension of tasks specified in written orders.

Platoon Leader, JAN 2014 to DEC 2015

704th Ordnance Company (OD CO) (EOD), Fort Hood, TX

Leadership: Personally lead 14 Soldiers in over 270 combat missions in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and New Dawn to include planned missions, emergency response to explosive hazards, and training operations for indigenous forces. Although my teams were capable of operating without direct guidance, I chose to participate in those missions because it is absolutely essential for Soldiers to see their leaders in action, gaining their trust by performing well in high stress environments.

Interpersonal Ability: Acted as a personal mentor to my Soldiers before, during, and after deployment. I personally made the decision to send one of my most experienced Team Leaders home due to personal family health concerns. Although this decision was challenging for the Soldier, the unit, and myself, it was the best thing for that individual and the Platoon.

Collaboration: Coordinated closely with Special Forces to support multi-day operations and to facilitate the training of their Afghan Special Forces counterparts in counter-IED operations. These efforts increased survivability, helped ensure mission success, and increased the trust and interoperability of our nations fighting forces.

Organizing and Planning: Managed personnel in five separate geographical locations during a nine month deployment. Ensured these Soldiers received the resources necessary to conduct combat operations in support of an extremely varied mission set. Traveled to each of these locations and met with leadership elements to ensure my Soldiers were supporting in the most effective manner possible.

Problem solving/judgement: Advised Forward Operating Base Commanders (FOB) on force protection measures after conducting multiple Threat Assessment drills and researching historical data of attacks in the area. Identified IED trends and made recommendations to improve security both on the FOB and while conducting patrols off base.

Flexibility/Adaptability: Forward deployed to Afghanistan within 6 months of arriving at unit. Prepared Platoon for deployment by coordinating for and completing Joint Asymmetric Threat Awareness and Counter IED training (high intensity eight week training program). Moved my platoon across Afghanistan several times during the course of our deployment in order to facilitate base closures and reinforce other areas.

Initiative: Operated independently of direct leadership for several months. Interacted with elements of national and foreign military components, government officials, and civilians with no direct supervision. Despite having only 6 months experience out of training, I was entrusted to make daily operational decisions with possible strategic significance, with little to no guidance.

Communication: Ensured written mission reports were submitted to my higher headquarters within 24 hours of completion, despite constant back to back missions. Submitted detailed sensitive and Secret post-blast analysis reports and conducted time sensitive physical evidence recovery, packaging, and turn in. Utilized Secret and Unclassified information systems in the conduct of my duties. Effectively communicated missions orders to my Platoon, and advised mission Commanders on my units capabilities and limitations, a job typically reserved for a Company Commander.

Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal (NAVSCOLEOD), MAR 2013-NOV 2013: 9 months


Bachelor of Arts in History, MAY 2012

Fordham University, Bronx, New York


Bronze Star Medal, FEB 2015

Meritorious Service Medal, AUG 2017

Army Commendation Medal, APR 2016

Army Achievement Medal, OCT 2014



Advanced IED Defeat School, 30 JAN  17 FEB 2017: 3 week course

U.S. Navy, Eglin AFB, FL

IED Electronics, EOD tactical training, Explosive Event Exploitation, Home Made Explosives, Weapons Technical Intelligence Jan 14-May 14: All courses 40 hours, tactical training 80 hours

Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, Fort Hood, TX

Level I Combatives, 2-4 JAN 2013: 40 hours

U.S. Army, Fort Lee, VA

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