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  Country or Region File Type
A Argentina .jpeg .pdf
B Belize .jpeg .pdf
  Bolivia .jpeg .pdf
  Brazil .jpeg .pdf
C Canada .jpeg .pdf
  Central and South America .jpeg .pdf
  Chile .jpeg .pdf
  Colombia .jpeg .pdf
  Costa Rica .jpeg .pdf
E Ecuador .jpeg .pdf
  El Salvador .jpeg .pdf
F French Guiana .jpeg .pdf
G Guatemala .jpeg .pdf
  Guyana .jpeg .pdf
H Honduras .jpeg .pdf
M Mexico .jpeg .pdf
N Nicaragua .jpeg .pdf
  North America .jpeg .pdf
  Northern Triangle (region) .jpeg .pdf
P Panama .jpeg .pdf
  Paraguay .jpeg .pdf
  Peru .jpeg .pdf
S South America .jpeg .pdf
  Suriname .jpeg .pdf
U United States .jpeg .pdf
  Uruguay .jpeg .pdf
V Venezuela .jpeg .pdf


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