Innovation Leader

Alison O’Bryan is a senior Instrumental Music Education major from Fairfax, Virginia who primarily plays clarinet. Alison enjoys working with diverse students from all musical backgrounds and frequently volunteers her time for musical service. She has been an instructor through the non-profit D.C. music organization Music for Life, which provides free music lessons for children in underprivileged homes and communities. She also regularly participates in music and community service through the International Music Fraternity Sigma Alpha Iota, of which she is on the Service Committee and is an active Sister. Alison has also independently organized many service events, such as a Wounded Warriors charity concert and a retirement home caroling weekend. She has also been a member of the JMU Music Services Club and has helped organize toy drives, iPod donations, and charity events. Alison hopes to continue her work with diverse students when she graduates, and plans on creating projects that benefit students learning English as a Second Language through musical engagement.

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