Innovation Leader

During her time as an undergraduate music education student, Sophia Anzalone has been afforded many opportunities for inclusive music engagement. Her experiences stem primarily from engaging with community members. A favorite and memorable experience for her was writing songs with previously incarcerated men at Gemeinschaft Home in Harrisonburg. These songs were often written about the men's lives, and was an experience the men (and Sophia) found quite meaningful. Through her music education coursework at JMU, Sophia has also engaged with younger members of the community. She has designed and facilitated experiences at the Harrisonburg Children's Harvest Festival and Keister Elementary School's Music Night, and has taught students how to play various instruments. Currently, Sophia teaches guitar lessons and assists a child with special needs in playing the piano for a weekly church service. Collectively, these experiences have been very humbling for Sophia and have only furthered the desire she has to engage with others through music. She looks forward to what the future holds for her and the wonderful experiences she will have as an Innovation Leader in this center.

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