The Internship Experience

Are you interested in Assessment, Quantitative Psychology, Statistics, or Measurement?

The Center for Assessment and Research Studies (CARS), the Quantitative Psychology MA program, and the Assessment and Measurement Ph.D. Program are excited to announce we will be hosting a 2024 summer internship for undergraduates!

Virtual and In-Person Options Available.  This is a paid internship.

Internship experiences include: 

  1. Assessment Training: free admission into our award-winning Assessment 101 week-long workshop for interns to take part in a weeklong workshop learning alongside faculty, graduate students, and fellow interns.
  2. Research Experience: The focus of the internship is on a research project under the mentorship of a faculty member in CARS.  Interns work hands-on with a practitioner doing research related to assessment, quantitative methods, or measurement. This is commonly catered to the interests of the intern. Past interns have presented their work at professional conferences.

Other highlights include: 

  1. Building relationships with current graduate students and faculty.  
  2. Learning about graduate school and potential employment in assessment and measurement fields.

Besides participation in Assessment 101, the day-to-day experiences for interns vary. Interns are set up with a desk in our graduate student office (if in-person) where they learn what graduate student life is like here at JMU. Typically, our interns work on their research projects and meet regularly with their mentors. Each intern has different work styles – some like more independent work and some prefer group work. We cater to both. We offer a range of projects, some more assessment focused and others more quantitative and statistics centered. We work with the interns to find a project that matches their interests and skillset.

This internship is intended for students who want to perform research with the goal of enrolling in graduate school.

The application for the Summer 2024 internship will close on February 5, 2024

Internship Dates: June 10 – July 26, 2024

BIPOC, LGBTQ+, first-generation, and other diverse students are encouraged to apply.

Past Internship Projects
Intern Testimonials

I can confidently say that the large majority of my entire internship experience was incredible. 


The internship went above and beyond my expectations, especially for being remote. I am so impressed with everyone who worked hard to make sure that we received an amazing experience. 


This was a valuable experience and I will be recommending this to my psychology/statistics friends.


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