Student learning is at the heart of what we do at JMU and a key variable to explore in assessment projects designed to better understand and improve the educational experience. As always, CARS will consult with partners on all aspects of the assessment process. In addition, we are providing new services to ignite excitement and energy around projects using student learning variables that can be used to improve the student educational experience at JMU.  

Assessment Projects

  • Consultations associated with the assessment cycle:
    • Exploration of prior research in the area (I.e., establishing a ‘program theory’ or logic model)
    • Creation/refinement of student learning outcomes
    • Creation of a curriculum map
    • Development/selection of measures
    • Data analysis and interpretation

Assessment 101 Workshop

  • In this nationally-acclaimed (NASPA Silver Award-winning) workshop, participants learn about each step of the assessment cycle with a special emphasis on learning improvement. We are offering 101 in two formats. NOTE: The learning outcomes and activities are nearly identical across formats.

Summer - Monday, June 3 – Friday, June 7, 2024  

  • Workshops (five consecutive days): This is ideal for attendees who can focus intently for a week with little interruption. Each day has a mix of synchronous and asynchronous content.
  • REGISTER HERE for the summer workshop. Online enrollment (for participants external to JMU) is due by May 20th (seating is limited).
  • JMU faculty and staff are invited to apply online for a scholarship to attend Assessment 101 alongside colleagues across the nation (a $1,500 value). All scholarship recipients internal to JMU will have this fee waived. The application should take only 5 minutes to complete. Applications are due by April 7, 2024.
  • Learn more about Assessment 101 here.
  • Customized workshops “New”:
    • CARS can provide customized workshops for your group on any element of the assessment cycle that you are in.
  • Focus groups “New”:
    • Are you curious about students’ perceptions of an area of learning? CARS can conduct focus groups to objectively gather information about student perceptions. We will also pay for pizza to aid in student recruitment. The partner is responsible for generating focus group questions (at least one must pertain to student learning) and recruiting student attendees.

Educational Research Projects “New”

  • Do you have a research question or a hypothesis about student learning that you would like to investigate? For example:
    • “Is Program Activity 1 more effective than Program Activity 2 for SLO achievement?”
    • “What is the optimal degree/amount/length of programming needed to achieve the SLO?”
    • Does higher learning on SLO X lead to higher graduate school placements? Are there particular activities tied to higher learning in this important SLO?”

Learning Improvement Projects

  • Learning improvement projects seek to measure student learning or development at baseline, create well-researched intervention that spans a curriculum, and re-assess student learning or development after cohorts of students have experienced the new curriculum.

Collaboration on educational research or learning improvement projects reflects active engagement from both parties (CARS and campus partner) to achieve the project’s goals. This engagement may culminate in conference presentations or publications.

We are excited to partner with you on any of those projects. Please email to schedule an appointment with CARS.

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