• The Assessment Celebration, originally scheduled for April 22nd, was cancelled due to COVID-19. We hope to be able to hold the event when we are able to meet again on campus. Stay tuned for more information.  

Upcoming Events: 

There are no upcoming events. Check back for 2021 workshop dates.

Assessment 101

In this nationally-acclaimed (NASPA Silver Award winning) workshop, you will learn about assessment in a focused environment. Over the span of 5 days, you will practice the components of the assessment cycle with a special emphasis on learning improvement through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous assignments.  The workshop will explore topics such as:  

  • writing student learning outcomes  
  • mapping the curriculum  
  • creating instruments  
  • examining implementation fidelity  
  • analyzing data  
  • reporting results  
  • using results to make evidence-based decisions 

This workshop is ideal for those relatively new to assessment practices. Many seasoned assessment practitioners attend as well. They come to learn strategies regarding how to teach others about assessment.  

For JMU Employees: These workshops are provided at no cost to current JMU faculty and staff (subject to availability). If you are a JMU faculty member and are interested in participating in this workshop, please email Paula Love, for more information.  

For External/non-JMU Employees: A limited number of seats have been reserved for external participants and are indicated below by session. If you are interested, you may register below. JMU charges a $1500 fee (or $1350 for early-bird registration) for external participants. The fee covers participation in the week-long workshop and materials provided during the course of the workshop.  

If you have further questions, please contact Paula Love (  

Assessment Academy

Completed Assessment 101, but still feel like you want to know or learn more? Assessment Academy takes your assessment knowledge to the next level by immersing you in multi0week modules designed to meet your needs. Covering the assessment-cycle more in-depth, these modules include:

  • Creating student learning objectives based in program theory
  • Developing and finding measures with an in-depth focus on reliability and validity
  • Examining the assessment cycle through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • And more!

Each module lasts an entire semester, and you’ll have the opportunity to bring in and use your own work to help improve the way you do assessment. Sign up as an individual or with a group from your team/unit/department.

More information on when Assessment Academy will be available, and how to sign up will be released by mid-October.

APT Raters & Rater Training

Assessment Progress Template (APT) Rating 

*Due to COVID-19, and budget uncertainties, APT Rating/training has been cancelled for July 2020. All ratings will be conducted by CARS personnel this year. If you are interested in rating in the future, contact the PASS office, and they can put your name on the list that we send to Dean's and Dept. Heads next year.  

Over five days, faculty will participate in the CHEA-award winning process of evaluating academic degree program assessment reports (known as APTs). For the first two days, faculty are trained to evaluate reports. For the next three days, raters pair up with pre-selected partners to evaluate approximately 10 reports from various disciplines. Past participants report that this behind-the-scenes view of assessment immediately helped them contribute to their own program-level assessment practices. This session is ideal for academic degree program assessment coordinators, or others heavily involved with program-level assessment.

For JMU Employees: Participation as an APT rater is subject to nomination by the Dean or Department head of your academic unit, college, or student affairs unit. If you are interested in serving as an APT Rater, please contact your Dean or Department Head.  

For External/non-JMU Employees: APT Ratings are not currently open to external participants on a regular basis. If you think your institution may benefit from learning more about JMU’s academic program assessment model, please contact Dr. Keston Fulcher, CARS Executive Director at for more information and possible opportunities.  

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