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Regan Byrne

Congratulations, Regan Byrne, for your 10 years of service at JMU!

Tom Carr

Congratulations, Tom Carr, for your 10 years of service at JMU!

Sheena Ramirez

Congratulations, Sheena Ramirez, for your 5 years of service at JMU!

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Staff Recognition Award


Congratulations to Karen Gerard, recipient of the CVPA Staff Award for 2020. Karen’s dedication and contributions to SADAH and CVPA are numerous and well-documented. Please join me in thanking Karen for her exemplary service.

2020 CVPA Staff Award Recipient Karen Gerard

Eric Morris, from the Staff Advisory Committee, shared this about Karen:

"This year's staff award recipient has spent nearly 25 years in Duke Hall. Karen's first years were as a student, then she spent a decade working part-time in the School of Art Office, and finally, she has spent the past thirteen years serving JMU as the assistant to the director of SADAH. Karen Gerard has seen a lot and done a lot over those years. She has welcomed thousands of students and what feels like thousands of faculty and staff too. Karen holds herself to the highest standards. She never misses a dotted I or crossed T. She thrives on efficiency and smooth operations, has a tremendous amount of experience, and is one of the hardest workers JMU has. Karen is the first to arrive and the last to leave and is willing to spend as many hours necessary to get the job done. She knows just about everything about SADAH and is always there to help a student in need. Because of her dedication, Karen is always working, even if she is not in Duke Hall. She has everything in the back of her head and keeps SADAH running like a well-oiled machine. If you've worked with Karen long enough, you know that she is aware of everything and willing to help everyone, from the director, the staff, and the students. Karen's immense knowledge, dependability, efficiency, consistency, and high standards are what make her such a valuable member of the school of art."

Congratulations and well-deserved!

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