Michio Ihara
Public Art at JMU: Ihara

Internationally acclaimed artist Michio Ihara was born in Paris in 1928.  A graduate of Tokyo University of Fine Arts, he taught at Musashion Fine Arts University, also in Tokyo.  Currently Michio Ihara lives in Concord, Massachusetts having become a U.S. citizen in 2001.  You can see more of Michio Ihara's work on the artist's website and a list of his commissions from 1956-2019 is available here.

This sculpture was originally owned by Mr. Don Albright of Harrisonburg, VA.  In the process of downsizing, his collections were apportioned to his children.  His son, Stephen Albright, felt compelled to donate this work to JMU in honor of his father's affiliation with and affection for the arts at JMU.  You can read more in an interview with the collector here

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