The Forbes by Lee Leuning, 2011
Public Art at JMU: The Forbes

Created by artist Lee Leuning in 2011, these bronze sculptures celebrate the opening of the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts at JMU. 

The inscription below the works reads,

"Lois Cardarella Forbes (Class of 1964), JMU Foundation Board (1996-2007), JMU Board of Visitors (2006-2014), Advisory Council for the College of Visual and Performing Arts (2009-2015).  Bruce Forbes, Lifetime Harrisonburg Developer and Entrepreneur.  While our name is on the building, our hearts are in the performance spaces.  Seeing excited students, faculty, and community members in their seats just before the lights dim brings us great joy.  This gift is one of the best things we have ever done and to hear people say thank you means so much."

Lee Leuning, born in Minnesota, worked as a wildlife officer for almost thirty years in Tennessee and South Dakota.  Working in both watercolor and bronze sculpture, Lee creates works that appeal to a broad public. 

Lois and Bruce Forbes Sculpture

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